Here we go!!!

usJon and I love to roadtrip. Most of the time it’s just for 2 days, hence the name of our blog – 2dayr. We’ve been asked by many friends “where would you go?” or “what would you do?”. So we’ve decided to blog about our travels to show/tell what we have found and enjoyed.

I grew up going to a small lake in southwest Michigan and Jon’s family would go to the Upper Pennisula (the UP) fishing. When we got to together we started to explore even more of the state. We have spent as little as a day and as much as a week road tripping thru Michigan. As being near water just has a calming/relaxing effect, a lot of our journeys hover around The Great Lakes and some of the smaller inland lakes and streams.

We both love to travel to our National Parks and have been to several over the years – some more than once. Most of these trips have been out west where the scenery is spectacular. The old railroad lodges are a favorite of ours, as they contain so much history and an ambience that just can’t be found in newer hotels.

In all of our journeys, we have our haunts, the places we love and go to often. We have places we’ve only been to once, but look forward to returning to. We love to travel, explore and meet new people and I hope you enjoy these places as much as we do. Always remember that it is not all about the destination, but more about the journey to get there and back. Be curious, be friendly and have fun!