Urban Air

F6406E98-7541-4F5A-BEEF-F4C5AC09095BIs there a word that describes something beyond fabulous? If so, that’s what Urban Air weekend was like. Jon’s one goal after back surgery was to be healed enough to go to this event in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. What is Urban Air, it’s over 100 Airstreams camping along the downtown streets. We had went up last year just to check it out and wanted to come back and participate this year. So with some instructional help from Jon, I hooked us up and off we went.

C765EAA9-EEC6-4B59-9762-67272F37E38D8735F588-7B6D-4B01-95EA-46039CA907FBIt took us about 6 hours to get there but we had made several stops so Jon could stretch. Once there, we went to the staging area and waited our turn to be parked. While we were waiting, we met some great people that had traveled many miles over the years in their Airstreams. It was so cool listening to their adventures. The 3 hours we had to wait breezed by just listening to them. We were then off to our camp site for the weekend on Knight Street, since the main highway sites had already been filled. Once we got settled in Jon helped our neighbors who had just taken delivery of their Airstream that day.


IMG_16858964D9EC-EE45-49CA-B914-1D09DD40209AFriday we woke up to the start of a beautiful fall day. We walked down to a little cafe called Auntie’s to get breakfast and then wandered around town looking at all Airstreams and meeting their owners. There were Airstreams from 1955 to 2016, many states and Canada, parked along the streets. While we were wandering around we ran into our friends Randy and Patti and met their daughter Abigail. It was nice seeing them and catching up. We spent Friday afternoon together, enjoying the sunshine and meeting new people. Our English Setter, Jesse, enjoyed all the attention she received. That evening we enjoyed showing our trailer to other participants and area residents . Then it was time for the traditional happy hour and campfire.

9EC6B798-52D8-40CC-89EE-C1E0B88A5CDF IMG_1694Saturday was a cloudy, rainy day. It was nice to have the Airstream to spend the day in. We discovered our friend’s son, Brett was at Urban Air and that this was his first stop on a two month journey writing for LiveRiveted, an Airstream blog. We met up with him for that night’s benefit supper and Josh Rogan concert and had a very enjoyable evening. Supper was a fund raiser for a local charity there in Eaton Rapids.


IMG_1700This Urban Air event, its organizers, participants and residents of Eaton Rapids continues to awe us in the hospitality and camaraderie in all those who have a love for Airstreams. Sunday came way to soon and just as quickly as we all arrived, we were all headed back out. We have already started making plans to be back here in 2016.



We’re ready to go

Finally, we were able to go camping for a weekend! We’ve been on hold most of the summer due to Jon having a back injury. We got ready in baby steps, making plans to go back to Kal-Haven RV Park in South Haven. Weather reports looked great through Sunday night, so off we went. Chose an alternate route to get there, probably wasn’t the best choice, but it was scenic. Of course, we still went past Luisa’s Cafe in Harbert, Michigan, so we could get danishes for breakfast. We continued on, with full tummies. Having left Wolcott early, we got in early to South Haven and our site was open. After a little R&R we went into town for the evening. Of course, according to Jesse, the first and most important stop was the Decadent Dog. She was her usual miss personality and people fell in love with her. South Haven was full of people enjoying summer. It’s such a great town along the lake and is fun to walk around. Our dinner for the night was already planned, a homemade pizza from the Glenn Store. Glenn is a small village 10 miles north of South Haven, consisting of an old time hardware store, antique shop, bed & breakfast, grade school and the Glenn Store.

Waiting to meet the neighbors

Look Dad, they have dogs too!

On Saturday, Karen made egg scrambles on the grill. Boy was it good. We road tripped up to Douglas and Saugatuk. These are a couple of beautiful villages on the big lake filled with shops and great places to eat. Yachts are docked along the walkway in Saugatuk to drool over. Jesse was excellent and made more new friends. As always, on a beautiful day, parking was tough but we found a new hidden spot. Our big purchase was salt water taffy from Kilwin’s. After a few hours we headed back to camp to relax. One stop first though, the Glenn Store, for some fresh sandwiches, wrapped in white butcher paper. This is a fantastic little store, with great service and food. For a small store, the amount of liquor they stock boggles the mind. We spent the rest of the evening chatting with our neighbors at the campground. People enjoy checking out our Airstream and we enjoy showing it to them. A check of the weather map made a change in plans and we were out of there early Sunday morning headed back home.

Waiting for a Decadent Dog treat

Checking out the cottages in Saugatuk

All settled in amongst the giants

All settled in amongst the giants

First big adventure


We’re off!!

Friday, we set off for South Haven, Michigan. Except for bringing the Airstream home, we hadn’t pulled it more than 30 miles and never through a larger town with traffic, but Jon didn’t have any problems. We were setting up at my cousin’s farm on the north side of South Haven in no time. What a great, quiet site, under a tree and next to an old barn. Those that know my family, know that we feed you, so Uncle Jack and Aunt Jeanne fed us great pizza from The Glenn Store.


Camping by the old barn.

Saturday morning the family tradition was carried on as I cooked pancakes and sausage for everyone. My Dad would cook pancakes every weekend when we were camping. There were weekends he would feed 30 people, but he loved it. I only cooked pancakes and sausage for 5 but it was fun! After breakfast it was kick back and relax time. The guys went out and explored the 40 acre woods and Jesse and I sat in the sun.

That afternoon, Jon and I set out to see the sights, first stop Glenn, Michigan. It’s a cute little town with a bed and breakfast, Firehouse Chic antiques, an old style hardware store, a restaurant and The Glenn Store. We didn’t go in the B&B but it is in a beautiful old Victorian with a huge yard. Firehouse Chic Antiques is in the old firehouse and has all sorts of neat things. Thank goodness we had Jesse with us or Jon might still be exploring the hardware store!! Taking a country road out of Glenn we checked out a couple of the county parks that had Lake Michigan access and then back to Glenn to get lunch. Our sandwiches from The Glenn Store were on artisan bread, loaded with lots of fresh cut meat and toppings and they were really good.

Ruff day of shopping

Ruff day of shopping

Then down to South Haven to get some Kilwin’s fudge and Salt Water Taffy but Jesse had to first go to Decadent Dog. Jesse got some cranberry and peanut butter treats, was adored and petted by dozens and she had her shopping done. Our Jesse is an English Setter and you don’t see many of that breed any more. Lots of people stopped us as we walked around and asked what breed she was and could they pet her. Now on to get her Dad some treats. Kilwin’s is Jon’s favorite so Jesse sent me in to get his Salt Water Taffy.


Sunset July 19, 2014

We ended our day watching the sunset at a private beach access along Lake Michigan and having a campfire with our relatives. Jesse fell asleep in Jon’s arms and started snoring. I took that as a sign that she had a good time too.

Sunday we were up early to get ready to come home. It was a great 2dayr, with perfect weather, food and family.