Urban Air

F6406E98-7541-4F5A-BEEF-F4C5AC09095BIs there a word that describes something beyond fabulous? If so, that’s what Urban Air weekend was like. Jon’s one goal after back surgery was to be healed enough to go to this event in Eaton Rapids, Michigan. What is Urban Air, it’s over 100 Airstreams camping along the downtown streets. We had went up last year just to check it out and wanted to come back and participate this year. So with some instructional help from Jon, I hooked us up and off we went.

C765EAA9-EEC6-4B59-9762-67272F37E38D8735F588-7B6D-4B01-95EA-46039CA907FBIt took us about 6 hours to get there but we had made several stops so Jon could stretch. Once there, we went to the staging area and waited our turn to be parked. While we were waiting, we met some great people that had traveled many miles over the years in their Airstreams. It was so cool listening to their adventures. The 3 hours we had to wait breezed by just listening to them. We were then off to our camp site for the weekend on Knight Street, since the main highway sites had already been filled. Once we got settled in Jon helped our neighbors who had just taken delivery of their Airstream that day.


IMG_16858964D9EC-EE45-49CA-B914-1D09DD40209AFriday we woke up to the start of a beautiful fall day. We walked down to a little cafe called Auntie’s to get breakfast and then wandered around town looking at all Airstreams and meeting their owners. There were Airstreams from 1955 to 2016, many states and Canada, parked along the streets. While we were wandering around we ran into our friends Randy and Patti and met their daughter Abigail. It was nice seeing them and catching up. We spent Friday afternoon together, enjoying the sunshine and meeting new people. Our English Setter, Jesse, enjoyed all the attention she received. That evening we enjoyed showing our trailer to other participants and area residents . Then it was time for the traditional happy hour and campfire.

9EC6B798-52D8-40CC-89EE-C1E0B88A5CDF IMG_1694Saturday was a cloudy, rainy day. It was nice to have the Airstream to spend the day in. We discovered our friend’s son, Brett was at Urban Air and that this was his first stop on a two month journey writing for LiveRiveted, an Airstream blog. We met up with him for that night’s benefit supper and Josh Rogan concert and had a very enjoyable evening. Supper was a fund raiser for a local charity there in Eaton Rapids.


IMG_1700This Urban Air event, its organizers, participants and residents of Eaton Rapids continues to awe us in the hospitality and camaraderie in all those who have a love for Airstreams. Sunday came way to soon and just as quickly as we all arrived, we were all headed back out. We have already started making plans to be back here in 2016.

AC, yes please!

IMG_1180When we were ordering our Airstream I didn’t want air conditioning or a television. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want those things, when camping was about getting outside. Well I want to thank Steve at Airstream of Joliet. The weekend of our first Airstream Rally it was hot. It was one of those great Midwest weekends when the humidity and the temperature were the same and that was around 90.  The air conditioning was awesome!! I think it ran the whole time we were camping.

storm photoWe met great people from WBCCI Central Indiana Unit at Prophetstown State Park. Friday night was an impromptu get together to met each other. Saturday we all did our own thing, so we ran home and got Jesse and took her to the groomers, others took in the water park or hiked around the park. In the late afternoon we found out having a television was really nice as the nasty storms moved across the area. We could watch the red of the storm get closer and closer! It cooled down a little Saturday night but it didn’t last.

IMG_1182Since we were close to home, Sunday morning Luke joined us for a breakfast of pancakes. As the morning turned to noon the heat and the humidity started to rise we decided to head home.

This is a short post but a lot of people knew I thought it was silly to have AC and television in our Airstream but boy was I wrong and I’m big enough to say I was wrong! Spring and Fall camping may be the way to go. No bugs, no heat, no storms!!

Here we go!!!

usJon and I love to roadtrip. Most of the time it’s just for 2 days, hence the name of our blog – 2dayr. We’ve been asked by many friends “where would you go?” or “what would you do?”. So we’ve decided to blog about our travels to show/tell what we have found and enjoyed.

I grew up going to a small lake in southwest Michigan and Jon’s family would go to the Upper Pennisula (the UP) fishing. When we got to together we started to explore even more of the state. We have spent as little as a day and as much as a week road tripping thru Michigan. As being near water just has a calming/relaxing effect, a lot of our journeys hover around The Great Lakes and some of the smaller inland lakes and streams.

We both love to travel to our National Parks and have been to several over the years – some more than once. Most of these trips have been out west where the scenery is spectacular. The old railroad lodges are a favorite of ours, as they contain so much history and an ambience that just can’t be found in newer hotels.

In all of our journeys, we have our haunts, the places we love and go to often. We have places we’ve only been to once, but look forward to returning to. We love to travel, explore and meet new people and I hope you enjoy these places as much as we do. Always remember that it is not all about the destination, but more about the journey to get there and back. Be curious, be friendly and have fun!